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She-Hulk is BACK, this time She’s Sensational once again. She was only gone for a short Hiatus but after 15 issues running from 2022- 2023, it’s time for a new story beat. After her relationship issues coming to a close; Jack Of Hearts and The Scoundrel. Jen’s job became more stable after some work with the Fantastic Four to get back into super heroing. Jen started gaining more traction with the Lawyer Mallory Book with a LOT more superhero clients. She spent some time solidifying her friendships with Hellcat, with the Super Fight Club (The PUNCH club- they have cool jackets); Titania, Volcana, The Thing, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, and Absorbing man. Oh, and you can’t forget she saved New York City!!!

                “JEN-SATIONAL!” For those of you who loved Jen and Jack as a couple, the book opens to them having a bit of radioactive make out sesh. As it quickly turns out Punch club still has a few issues that need… punching out… Yeah that was bad. The actual story shot ends with HULK himself appearing, seems like there’s trouble brewing with her cousin as it sets up his series colliding with hers. The included short at the end is a cute little insight into just how busy Jen is in her life! From the hints that Marvel gives off on their website about the upcoming comic books it seems as if She has her work cut out for her!

                Captain Marvel, current leader of the Avengers, dealing with a cosmic threat in Dark Tempest, and losing a friend recently she needs a break. She’s really not going to get one, but at least her new suit looks MARVELOUS. Carol really is rocking that French braid as she takes a turn saving some people in NYC. She get’s a surprise when she meets The Omen who can just absorb her powers. We are introduced to Yuna Yang and a scene of Genis-Vell losing two things near and dear to him because of Omen. Yuna and Carol have a fun switchero and mind bonding experience.

                Carol and Yuna have some good banter, one the leader of the Avengers, the other a burglar trying to pay her way through college and that has to call her mom back. We will see what Hijinx these two get up to while trying to remove Yuna’s newest acquisition while we have to worry what Omen is going to get up to with hers, Genis-Vell.

                We are deep into Scarlet Witch’s run currently (well, the end), book 10, if you have not started this story, please do. Book 9 was a WILD ride, a betrayal that I did not see coming in the slightest. I have loved how chaotic Wanda’s life is and how much she’s devoted it to helping people. The whole Idea behind the Last Door. Darcy came through it, many others have come through it as well, each had nowhere else left to go. Appearances of her sister Polaris, her brother quicksilver, her son Wiccan, Viv Vision, and Loki have all been short but worth it.

                Hexfinder was alluded to in the past comics of the series and starts off her full appearance strongly, after taking two of Wanda’s fingers by proxy and stating that there’s no better place to stand than on Wanda’s grave, and well that kept me on the edge of my seat until issue 10. Darcy really shows her strength as a character again by supporting Wanda in her time of need without fear. I have always loved the way that Wanda’s hands are nearly a character of their own in this series, with panels focused solely on their movements.

                When things are really looking rough Darcy’s words work their own magic on Joe and he helps turn the tide in the battle between Scarlet Witch and Hexfinder. Their back and forth during their fight has some good quips and some well-drawn action. Someone disappears with a smile and the story comes to a close, with a note letting us know it will continue in Scarlet Witch and Quicksliver next year, and I’m excited.

  • Vincent Malatesta

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