Welcome to the Cosmic Capes Comics blog!!

As the title says, Welcome!

On this blog, I'll be posting previews and reviews of comics that I think are interesting (or should be avoided). I'll also be using this blog to communicate store and industry news, sales, events, and just about anything that I can think of. But most importantly, I want this blog to be INTERACTIVE. I'd love to hear from you - your opinions about my reviews, other books you think I should be looking at, feedback on the store - just about anything you can think of.

For now, the blog is unmoderated in the sense that your comments will appear immediately, without any review. However, with freedom comes responsibility! So here are the rules:

  1. No profanity - keep it family friendly
  2. No personal attacks - you can go after another's opinions, but not them personally
  3. Keep it comics / pop culture / etc focused. No politics, religion, and such

I guess further rules will come as needed. I hope not ...

For the time being, I'll probably send out an email to all of my current customers who've shared their email with me. That way, you will know about each new post.

Along with this somewhat boring post, I'll be adding a review of a book from last week, as well as some recommendations for this Wednesday (2 November).

Thanks for reading!

- Mike

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  • But isn’t Star Wars a religion?


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